• It’s the most special time of the year and whether you buy or receive a gift of significant value this Christmas, our expert team are on hand to discuss your insurance cover with you. We recommend that you do the following to protect your valuables: keep the paperwork if it’s a valuable item, let us know and we can advise you on cover options.
  • While a lot of us will be spending Christmas at home this year if you are planning to spend Christmas away from home, decrease the opportunity for holiday theft by making sure you secure everything that you can. Safeguard your home by putting your house alarm on when leaving the house or while you are in bed. Make sure all doors are locked and windows are closed. If you are running electric cables for outdoor Christmas lights through windows, this could be exposing your home to thieves. Also, lock up your car and don’t leave gifts visible inside.
  • If you are visiting friends or family over the holidays be especially careful when sharing your location or your shiny new gifts on social media. In today’s interconnected world this information is easily shared and if you advertise yourself as not home or that you have some sought after gifts it could lead it to unwanted attention.



  • If you are lighting festive scented candles this Christmas, make sure never to burn them close to anything that can catch fire. Christmas Trees, Christmas Garlands and Christmas decorations can be very flammable. Always keep your burning candles within your sight, never leave the room unattended while the candle is burning. 
  • Keep your decorated Christmas tree away from the fire, radiators and other heat sources in your home.
  • What yells Christmas more than fairy lights? Always plug out your Christmas lights before going to bed or before leaving the house. Also, check for fraying, bare spots and kinks in the wires of your lights.
  • Around the season of Christmas, it’s always a good time to check your smoke alarms.


Pet Safety

  • If you have sweets or chocolates for family and friends wrapped up under your Christmas Tree, be sure to keep them out of reach of your four-legged friend. Some human treats can be poisonous to pets and might make them very ill.
  • Avoid decorating your tree with tinsel, although it looks super shiny and fun to play with if swallowed by your pet it can obstruct their digestive system.
  • Hide electric cables, as they might trip up your excited pooch when playing or electrocute them if they chew on them.
  • Make sure your tree is stable. Curious and nosey pets can knock over your tree causing harm and an unwanted mess during your festivities.