Why Choose Arachas?


We work with financially secure & robust insurers.

Reputation & Influence

Our track record puts us in an ideal position to negotiate with insurance providers so that we can recommend a tailored solution that fits your needs.

Quick Turnaround

For straightforward insurance, we’ll get you a quote straight away. Sometimes you need more complicated cover. When this is the case, we’ll work with you to get all the relevant information, and provide you with a progress update within 24 hours.

Claims Service

We use an in-house claims management team to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

Dedicated Client Support

We provide you with an experienced and dedicated account handler who talks your language, and is only a phone call away if you need advice.

 Flexible Premium Payment Plans

We provide competitive and flexible payment options that suit your financial requirements.



We are here for Ireland’s entrepreneurial economic backbone:

  • The builders shaping our villages, towns and cities.
  • The tradespeople powering us and all our essential services.
  • The child care providers caring for the bright young minds – the future of our country.
  • The solicitors, architects, and accountants who dot the I’s & cross the T’s.
  • The hoteliers and publicans who serve Ireland daily.
  • The retailers big and small who keep us fuelled, fed and clothed.
  • And many more unsung heroes helping Ireland to grow and thrive through employment, development and mostly their own sheer grit and determination.

We only work with financially secure & robust insurers to make sure that the insurance we recommend will stand up to the challenges of the real world.

We have the scale and scope to negotiate on behalf of SMEs and get excellent insurance cover at a fair market price.

Get the reassurance of personalised insurance cover for your business and for all that matters to you.

Make the right call today.

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