Eamon Moran

By Eamon Moran
Digital Marketing Manager




Sometimes buying van insurance can leave you with more questions than answers. At Arachas, we have over 50 years’ experience in the Irish insurance market and our team is here to advise you on what product meets your needs and how to get the best value on your van insurance. That’s why 90% of our customers renew with us the following year.


We spoke to one of our product experts about what makes Arachas the best choice for Van Insurance and here is what they have to say:


  • Discounts for Previous Driving Experience on Cars and Vans


This is an area that some of our customers are completely unaware of before they speak to us. If you have named driving experience on a private car or van it can be used for a discount on your new van insurance. On top of that you even get to keep your no claims bonus on your current car while still getting the benefit of it on your new van policy. 


  • We Work with all Main Insurers in Ireland


As one of Ireland’s largest insurance brokers, Arachas is in a position to negotiate the best price possible with all the major insurers. We can cater for most commercial uses of vehicles and in some instances, we may be able to quote for private use of commercial vehicles. We are also in a position to approach insurers for extra discounts on your behalf to beat your existing premium.


  • We Insure Vehicles Registered in Company Name


If a van is registered in a company name, we can get you a commercial vehicle quote. Some providers will even allow a company director to surrender their no claims bonus to the company (this means that it won’t be able to be used privately any more). If your company doesn’t have a no claims bonus, we will work with a provider who will allow introductory discounts based on the history of the main driver of the vehicle. 


  • We Have Great Range of Cover Available on our Van Policies


Arachas includes Tool Cover* (up to a maximum replacement value of €5,000) on all our van policies purchased online. This gives our customers that extra peace of mind when they take out their policy with Arachas. Depending on what policy you decide suits your needs best, we can also offer:


  • Full bonus protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Fire Brigade Cover
  • Replacement Locks
  • Towing a trailer
  • Low Excesses


Get a quote on your van insurance today either online or by contacting one of our van insurance experts on 01 582 7108.


*Arachas Tools of Trade Transit Cover T&C's:

  1. When you purchase a Comprehensive cover Van policy with Arachas Digital
  2. For the period that Comprehensive van policy remains valid. If the van policy is cancelled the tools of trade transit cover ceases immediately.
  3. For a maximum replacement** total tools value of €5,000 for a single incident
  4. For a maximum of two incidents per period of insurance
  5. For tools that are in the van stated in your van insurance motor certificate that are damaged because of a motor accident or stolen from the van when attended
  6. For tools that are in the van stated in your van insurance motor certificate that are stolen when the van is unattended provided the van is locked with all windows and openings closed and securely fastened. No cover applies for tools outside the van.
  7. For Theft from unattended vehicles where entry to the vehicle is by forcible and violent means
  8. For theft in respect of property left in the vehicle overnight where the vehicle is:
  • Garaged in a building which is securely closed and locked or
  • Parked in a compound secured by locked gates or
  • Is parked in your or your driver’s driveway off road and adjacent to the private house in a well- lit area
  1. For tools that are not laptops and /or mobile phones and/or other mobile communication devices.
  2. If you are prepared to cover the first €130 of any loss.


**Replacement value is the value of the tool(s) subject to depreciation of 10% per year, capped at 50%.