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The simple answer is yes! You can either take out home insurance on your mobile home or some home insurance providers will allow you to add a mobile home to your existing home insurance policy. However, there will be several limitations - including value, location and use of the mobile home.

In most cases, the best route to take is to have a stand-alone insurance policy that covers your mobile home. In many cases a standalone mobile home policy will provide better value for money and still give you the cover you require.


Types of Cover You Can Expect to get from your Mobile Home Policy are:

  • Physical loss or damage to the mobile home including outside gas cylinders, veranda decking, satellite dishes, fixtures or fittings
  • Physical loss or damage including accidental damage to contents and personal effects including luggage
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Debris Removal
  • Costs of removal to the nearest repairer and re-delivery
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Costs and expense of defending a claim


Before Insuring your Mobile Home, Here Are Some of the Things you will Need to Consider:

  1. How will you be using your mobile home going forward? Will you ever rent out your mobile home on a short term or permanent let?

Most insurers will only allow you to cover a mobile home if it’s only going to be used for strictly family use. This means that if you did rent the mobile home out during the year, your liability to the tenants would not be covered. If anything happened to the tenants while in your mobile home that you are liable for, you would have no insurance cover in place and you may be personally liable for any claim they bring against you.

Do you know how to make a home insurance claim?

  1. Where will your mobile home be located? Will it be on a serviced mobile home site? If it is on a site, how close to the sea will the mobile home be located?

There are many mobile home parks located next to a beach or lake and in some cases due to the proximity to water you may not be able to attain flood cover. Most insurers require that your mobile home will be located on a service site if you are looking for a stand-alone mobile home insurance policy.

If you have a mobile home located in your garden with family members living permanently in it, Arachas do have options where this can be added to your main home insurance policy.

When you are insuring your mobile home, don’t forget to include any decking and shed that you may have attached to the mobile home.

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