Joanne Jermyn

By Joanne Jermyn
Private Client Account Executive


High-Net Worth Insurance


In a world where the extraordinary is valued, protecting your high-value assets becomes paramount. From exquisite homes and luxury cars to precious jewelry and priceless art collections, your possessions are more than just material. Securing these assets requires more than just a standard insurance policy – it demands the personalized touch of bespoke insurance which we provide through Arachas Private Client.


What Exactly Is High Net Worth Insurance?


  1. Tailored Protection for Unique Assets


Standard insurance policies are designed to cover a broad range of assets, often overlooking the distinctive features and values associated with high-end possessions. High-value home insurance, on the other hand allows for customization, ensuring that every nuance of your valuable assets is taken into account. Whether it's the rare artwork gracing your walls or the custom-built features of your home, tailored protection ensures that each item is appropriately covered.


  1. Accurate Valuation for Maximum Coverage


High-value items often appreciate over time, making accurate valuation one of the crucial aspects of this insurance coverage. As a bespoke insurance provider, Arachas Private Client, employ specialized appraisers who understand the intricacies of assessing the worth of luxury items. This ensures that your assets are not undervalued, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage that reflects their true value.


  1. Comprehensive Coverage Across Multiple Categories


Unlike standard insurance policies that may have limitations on coverage types, bespoke insurance caters to a wide array of assets. Whether you own a fleet of high-performance cars, a mansion or heritage property with unique architectural features, or an extensive art collection, Arachas Private Client offers comprehensive coverage that spans various categories, leaving no room for gaps in protection.


  1. Flexibility to Adapt to Your Evolving Lifestyle


As your lifestyle evolves, so do your assets. Bespoke insurance policies provide the flexibility to adapt to changes in your life – be it acquiring new high-value items or making alterations to your existing ones. This adaptability ensures that your insurance coverage remains aligned with your current circumstances, offering peace of mind in the face of life's unpredictable twists and turns.


  1. Dedicated Support and Claims Assistance


High-value assets often come with unique challenges when it comes to filing claims. Arachas Private Client understands the specialized needs of our clientele and offer dedicated support throughout the claims process. This personalized approach ensures that, in the unfortunate event of a loss, you receive prompt and efficient assistance tailored to your specific situation.


In conclusion, when it comes to safeguarding your high-value assets, settling for anything less than bespoke insurance may leave you exposed to unnecessary risks. Arachas Private Client's commitment to personalized coverage ensures that your unique possessions are not just protected but cherished. Invest in the security and peace of mind that comes with a tailored insurance solution – because your exceptional assets deserve nothing less.


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