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By Mark Russell
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Driving Test in Ireland - Arachas Insurance Brokers


Passing your driving test is a right of passage for many young (and some not so young!) people across Ireland. It is an absolute necessity to use your car on your own and can really help to drive down the cost of your car insurance. Many find it an extremely stressful experience and struggle to pass first time, but we are here to share some helpful tips to pass your driving test.


  • Pick your Date Carefully -

    The driving test can be a stressful enough experience so it’s best not to try squeeze it into a day with other important engagements. You don’t want to be thinking about another upcoming exam as you are doing your hill start & lower your chances of passing.


  • Drive as You Normally Do -

    The temptation during a test is to try to mimic what you think the driving tester is looking for when in reality you are better just driving as it comes naturally to you. In the long run, this will also ensure that you are a better driver.


  • Don’t Listen to the Horror Stories -

    Everybody has a friend or relative with a story of a disastrous driving test, remember that these are the tiny minority of tests. Focus on what you need to do rather than what could go wrong.


  • Vary Your Practice -

    Don’t get too comfortable preparing for your test by driving the same route every session. Find new routes and challenges so that you will be ready for anything that could come up on the day of your test. It’s also worth logging some practice driving in the dark so you are comfortable dealing with car lights. If its your new car, spend as much time possible to also understand the technicalities and the inside of your car for better preparation.


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  • Know the Rules of the Road -

    It’s easy to forget that the driving exam isn’t just a practical test there is also a theory test to cover. Having a strong knowledge of road signs will also help you with the practical element though as you don’t want to be failed on a silly technical mistake.


  • Have a Goldfish Memory -

    Mistakes will happen but just move on when they do and don’t let it impact the rest of your test. It may not be as serious a mistake as you feel it is at the time and everything could still be to play for.


  • Don’t Worry About the Examiner -

    People can waste energy trying to get inside the mind of their examiner during their test, if they are quiet or reserved it is just because they are concentrating on their job. Trust your ability and focus on giving your best performance based on what you’ve learned during your driving lessons.


  • Get Some Rest -

    A good night’s sleep will have you performing your best on the big day (especially if your test centre is far), you only have to pass the test once, so make sure you give yourself the best chance possible.


Whether you are just starting to drive or have recently passed your test, Arachas are here to help find you the best deal on your car insurance. Find out more about the benefits of our young driver insurance or call one of our specialist sales agents on 01 582 7108 for a quote.