Many of us are now working remotely as we help to slow the spread of Covid-19 . There is no doubt that working from home has some great benefits such as:

  • No commuteNo commute
  • thickA slightly longer sleep in
  • thickMore time with family
  • thickAnd the convenience of slotting in more time to exercise

While we might have dreamt of this level of flexibility in the past, the real-life experience may not quite live up to expectations. The reality is that working remotely also takes a lot of discipline and comes with its own set of unique challenges. It’s a big change to the way we work and some folks might prefer to be office based given the choice. For the moment home working is with us for a while to come as we all play our part in the community effort to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Quite a few of our Arachas team have plenty of experience of working from home and have shared some tips with us to get you geared up and ready to work from home.


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Set up a Dedicated Workspace:

Where possible, try to set up a dedicated and comfortable spot to work in. This will allow you to associate this area with your job and it will also allow you to leave this space when you’re off the clock — that means get off the couch, and definitely get out of the bed. It will help you to remain focused and get you in the zone for work.


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Stay in Touch:

Many of us are used to the social aspect of working in an office environment, so it can be difficult for some to adjust to working remotely.  Make sure to maintain this connection by having a regular catch up with your team. Apps like Zoom, WhatsApp, and Facetime will allow us to fill the socialising gap while working from home.


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Make a Plan:

Your day may lack the normal structures that you are used to - like having regular break times and work schedules. People may find this difficult, and one of the things that we found helpful is creating some structure to our days by planning tasks that need to get done and by sticking to a similar structure like you would normally have at work. For example, clocking in and out during your normal working hours and taking your lunch at 1pm.


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Avoid Cabin Fever:

Make sure to get out of the house at least once a day.The fresh air will help to clear your mind and support your mental capacity to take on new challenges throughout your day. It is also important to remember the HSE guidelines on social distancing when outdoors and keep doing our part to flatten the curve.


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Know when to Log Off:

This can be one of the most challenging aspects for remote workers. Unless there is an urgent deadline, it is important to develop a habit of setting a time where you officially ‘log off’ for the night. It’s essential that you are not missing out on life’s key moments by getting swept up in 24hr access to your work emails – not only for your happiness, but also for your mental wellbeing.

Embrace the perks of working remotely and while life may look a little bit different – there are always some positives to be found that can make your days that bit more smooth and successful.


We’re here to help: In the midst of all this change there is still plenty you can do to maintain a routine and look out for yourself. We hope the tips above are helpful. There's also some great info to be found on the site.

If you have a bit of extra time on your hands, now is also a good time to catch up some of the jobs you might usually leave till the last minute. The Arachas team can help you cross some of your insurance queries off the to do list. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help with any questions about your insurance policy or to get you a quote for your upcoming insurance renewal.