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Your car can mean a lot to you - sometimes it's more than a vehicle that takes you from A to B.

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We know your car can mean a lot to you and sometimes it is more than a vehicle that takes you from A to B. It’s the realisation of owning a car that provides an unparalleled driving experience.
We will work with you to ensure that all of your vehicles, including your family’s day-to-day cars, your high-value luxury, sports, and classic cars (as well as other vehicles such as motorbikes and yachts), have the optimum insurance cover.
When it comes to the vehicles you rely on, we provide the right cover as well as the best advice: Exceptional service at your convenience.



Benefits can include:

• Agreed value
With an Agreed Value for your car, you will have peace of mind knowing that there will be no dispute about the pre-loss value of the vehicle in the unfortunate event that it is stolen or is written-off in an accident

• Comprehensive cover
You and any other named drivers automatically enjoy comprehensive insurance cover on vehicles you own, and borrow or rent.

• We trust who you trust
If you already have a garage you trust to carry out repairs to your vehicle, then we trust them as well. You can always rely on our extensive network of reputable and trusted repair companies.

• Covering you all over Europe
When you travel to Europe, enjoy the peace of mind of Europe-wide breakdown insurance as well as a 24 hour helpline service.



It starts with a conversation


If you would like to organise a personal and confidential meeting with one of our dedicated Private Client Account Directors, or if you have any questions concerning our services, please call


David Jermyn on  087 255 6398 or

Amy Power on 087 391 7603

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