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It is vital to report your claim to us (or direct to your Insurance Company) as soon as possible after the event.
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(9am to 5pm Mon - Fri) to report details or call your insurer directly.

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What to do in the event of a motor accident or claim?

If you have a car accident

Always keep a pen and paper, a first-aid kit and a torch in the car – they will come in handy in the event of an accident.Immediately after an accident, it should be the priority to attend to anyone who has been hurt in the accident.

If anyone is injured, call an ambulance if necessary and then call the Gardai to report the incident.

Once you're able to assess damage caused by the accident, stay calm and don't admit fault. Exchange details with the other driver, i.e. name and address, telephone number, car registration number, insurance company and policy number (these last 2 will be available from their insurance disc in their windscreen). Also record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of passengers and any other witnesses to the accident and names and contact details of any members of An Garda Siochana who attended at the scene.Use your phone camera to take photos of the scene – only if it is safe to do so.

Write a brief description of how the accident happened, including sketches if they will help.

The following is information that you are obliged to provide;- The name and address of both you and the vehicle owner.

- The registration and insurance details of your vehicle should be provided to any other party involved and also An Garda Siochana if requested.

- If any person is injured, the accident must be reported to An Garda Siochana whether they attend the scene or not.



How to Make a Claim?

It is vital to report your claim to us (or direct to your Insurance Company) as soon as possible after the event.

Contact us on


(9am to 5pm Mon-Fri) to report details or call your insurer directly.

Click here for direct claims contact details of your insurer.


If however, you wish to report an accident or claim outside these hours, please follow the steps below;

Step 1:

Please call your insurance company’s accident claims helpline number and report the claim to them.

They will take all the details from you, provide you with a claim number and may send you out a claim form. The claim form should be completed and returned as soon as possible.

Step 2:

If your car is not driveable and you have breakdown assistance cover, you should request that you are also put through to the Breakdown helpline.

Depending on the cover under your policy you may be entitled to a replacement car for up to a specified number of days.

Step 3:

Many Insurers now have their own “approved repairers” network, which is a nationwide network of garages who carry out vehicle repairs and in return for using these “approved repairers” you may be entitled to a courtesy car for a specified number of days (usually 5 to 10 days) and in addition, they may bill your insurance company directly (less any policy excess). The Insurance Company will offer you this “approved repairers” option at the time of reporting the claim.

If at the time of reporting the claim, your car is already in a garage or storage yard it is important to ask if you are being charged to hold it there, as these costs may not be covered under your policy.

Step 4:

If you have chosen not to avail of an approved repairer, you will need to get an estimate for the cost of repair.

Step 5:

In most instances the insurance company will insist on their motor assessor inspecting your damaged vehicle. However, if you have chosen to use one of their Approved Repairers’ then this matter is normally handled directly with them.

Step 6:

You can appoint your own motor assessor to inspect your damaged vehicle and help with the preparation of your claim, but remember if you choose to do this, the cost will be at your own expense.

Step 7:

Your Insurer will notify you of the agreed repair costs and your vehicle repairs can begin. If you have chosen the approved repairer, then the matter is pursued through them.

Step 8:

When repairs are complete you will need to send your insurance company the repair bill. They will issue a settlement cheque less your policy excess (refer to your policy schedule). If you use the insurance company’s own Approved repairers – normally they will bill the insurance company directly for the repairs (less any policy excess).


Special Circumstances;

Car Written Off

If your car is written-off or uneconomical to repair – the motor assessor will inspect and put a value on the vehicle based on its condition before the accident (pre-accident value). This value will be offered to you in settlement less your policy excess (see your policy schedule). They will require the original Vehicle Licence Certificate and claim form before they can issue your cheque.

Car Stolen and Not Recovered

If your car is stolen and not found, your insurance company will need a completed Motor Theft claim form/ questionnaire. Your Insurer will settle your claim based on the pre-theft value which their motor assessor will place on your vehicle. Your Insurer will require the original Vehicle Licence Certificate, claim form and Motor Theft claim form/ questionnaire before they can issue your cheque. They may provide car hire for up to a specified number of days (subject to you having cover for car hire under your policy).


Special terms, conditions and excesses may apply to your policy and you should ask your claims handler about these. Your "No Claim Bonus" may be affected as a result of making a claim on your policy.

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