Mobile Home Insurance

The complete Insurance package for Mobile Home Owners. Simply complete the form and our team will contact you with a quotation.


New for old

Mobile Homes are insured on a new for old basis, subject to them being less than 5 years old at the time of the loss. The new for old cover is subject to adequacy of the Sum Insured.

Scope of cover

Mobile Homes, contents and verandas/patios are insured on an all risks basis including storm cover.

Public liability

Cover will be provided up to a limit of €2,600,000 for any one accident. This cover will protect the owner against all sums which they become legally liable to pay as a result of accidental death of or bodily injury to or illness contracted by any person, or accidental loss of or damage to property caused by or in connection with the structure including out-buildings.

Personal liability

Cover is also provided up to a limit of €2,600,000 for any one accident, for the insured and members of the insured family, in respect of accidents occurring in or about the structure whilst owners and family are resident at the location.

Fridge freezer

Cover is provided in respect of replacement of food in the fridge/freezer up to a limit of €635 if spoiled due to a change in temperature or contamination by refrigeration fumes.

* Standard Policy Terms and Conditions will apply to the cover

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