As Ireland’s largest nationwide insurance brokerage, with over 15 locations across the country, Arachas is committed to providing a respectful, inclusive work environment which is productive, positive and fair for all employees.

Arachas has an equal pay ethos, meaning that men and women performing equivalent work with equivalent experience receive equal pay, regardless of gender, race, belief, or any other factor. Arachas also practices equal opportunity, across our business and believes in appointing the best candidate to the role.

In line with the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021, Arachas is publishing a Gender Pay Report for the first time. The results indicate a Gender Pay Gap, reflective of an overall gender imbalance and lack of women in leadership or highly specialist roles. While some progress has been made, this trend can also be seen across the Insurance sector, where traditionally men have held a greater proportion of the senior leadership roles as compared to females.

We are aware that making impactful change in this area, will take time. At Arachas, we are executing an Action Plan to address the Gender Pay Gap and we are committed to seeing this through.

As Arachas continues to grow through acquisitions, our future Gender Pay Gap reports are likely to include data from businesses which are yet to adopt actions and initiatives to reduce the gender pay gap. Due to this, Arachas will develop KPI's to measure progress against our action plan, alongside the Gender Pay Gap reporting, to understand our progress and drive gender diversity across the business and at all levels. For several years now, Arachas has conducted employee engagement surveys, with high participation rates and scores, reflecting that employee like working at Arachas.

Arachas is part of the Ardonagh Group, the UK’s largest independent insurance distribution platform and a top 20 broker globally, with more than 150 locations and a combined workforce of more than 9,000 employees. In line with UK legislation, Ardonagh has been publishing a Gender Pay Gap report since 2018 and has put a series of measures in place, to narrow the gender pay gap across the Group’s businesses.


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