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By Louise Devlin
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Building Contractors Insurance



The benefit of having contractor insurance as a builder is huge, the impact of which could ultimately mean the success or failure of your business.

Having your business insured for construction offers peace of mind for any potential client as they know there is cover if anything goes wrong and, in many cases, can be the deciding factor if a contractor gets the job or not.

Injury claim cost typically start from small for minor injury and increase to large amounts for any severe injuries caused on site. If a case is proven against you for injury to an employee, sub-contractor or member of the public, the financial and reputational implications would cause you significant issues in the long term.

At Arachas, we have over 30 years’ experience in making sure building contractors have the right insurance in place to protect their business. If you wish to arrange for a quick consultation with us, fill out our form and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.


Policy Benefits

  • Cover when something goes wrong on-site
  • Cover for you and your team in case of injury or damage
  • Cover for your tools and equipment
  • Cover and peace of mind for your client
  • Limits the financial damage to your business in the long term


Types of Insurance for Building Contractors


  1. Public Liability

    This Insurance type provides you protection against liabilities from a Third Party (other than your employees) for physical injury or damage to their property which may arise during your work due to negligence or lack of care.


  1. Products Liability

    Provides legal liability for accidental damage to property caused by products sold or supplied, or work or services which you have undertaken in connection with your business.


  1. Employers Insurance

    This type of insurance is needed when your business employs any staff including trainees, apprentices, self-employed persons, and sub-contractors. This cover protects you from any liability arising in the course of their employment with you and provides cover if any of your employees suffer physical injury.


  1. Tools, Plant and Equipment

    Covers a contractor’s tools or transportable equipment that gets lost, stolen, or destroyed. It can also reimburse stolen equipment or replace tools damaged by fires or floods.


  1. Design & Building Indemnity

    Provides cover in cases of negligence or breach of a duty of care arising from the performance of any design or specification, supervision of construction or installation, feasibility study, technical information calculation or survey performed by you or on your behalf by sub-contractors.


  1. Motor Fleet

    This insurance can be tailored to suit the size of your business, including small contractors with a few vans locally to national companies running fleets across the country. It protects businesses financially from compensation claims from third parties as a result of a motor accident or from the theft of a vehicle.


What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance specifically covers damage caused by a third-party including property damage and injury. This is the basic requirement a contractor must have when working on a site.


What Does Building Contractors All Risk Insurance Cover?

All Risk Insurance covers against damages caused by external circumstances which are not specifically covered in the general liability insurance including damage caused by a person outside of your team, extreme weather, gas explosions, fire, theft and vandalism and it covers the structure itself, your building materials, and all equipment. It can also be taken out for a specific project basis rather than an annual premium.


To understand what works better for you, why not talk to our specialized Arachas team today on 01 582 7109.


How Can We Help You?

  • We are leading Building Insurance specialists for the construction industry for over 30 years and we know what we’re talking about when it comes to construction policies
  • Arachas is an insurance partner for the Construction Insurance Federation
  • Once the cover is finalized, the documentation will be sent to you via email which allows you to get on-site immediately
  • Comprehensive insurance which can cover you, your employees, your clients, your property, and your equipment.
  • Our Contractors Insurance is there for building contractors and associated trades of any size, including plumbers, carpenters, tilers, painters and decorators, brick layers, heating and plumbing engineers, plastering, insulation, roofing, fit-out and flooring contractors. We can also cover shop fitters, locksmiths, gardeners, and landscapers.