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Why choose Arachas?

You may feel that many of the insurers and brokers you have approached are simply trying to sell you insurance and that it is getting harder to talk to someone who will get to know you and your needs. At Arachas, our primary focus is to listen and to make sure we help you protect the things that matter to you. We believe in building real client relationships through our tailored service, expert professional advice, and efficient resolution of claims. 
We lead from the front, with a people-first ethos in all aspects of our business — creating a wide range of competitive insurance and risk management solutions, from personal to business and corporate groups. We have one of Ireland’s most highly qualified professional teams, and we are excited about having the opportunity to meet your needs. 
Off-the-shelf solutions do not always fit; so, let us develop a dynamic plan for you and give you peace of mind about the future. 

Let’s talk

Contact us today! We value your input and real discussions, a vital combination to meet your needs and to facilitate us in creating the correct plan for you, your family, or your business.


Our claims promise

We are here to guide you, to assist you in understanding the claims process, and to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. 


Our legacy - we are here to stay

For over 70 years, we have been providing expert advice after taking the time to understand our customers’ personal and business requirements 


Our trusted panel of insurers

We deal with all the leading Insurers in the Irish marketplace, as well as having access to exclusive international insurers 

Risk Management

Consulting Services

Claims defensibility and analysis

  • Prompt notification and investigation of incidents/claims
  • Continually improve and update record keeping
  • Proactive and ongoing training properly recorded, possibly in employee’s first language
  • Being prepared for potential legal action
  • Claims management protocols for post-event actions
  • Ongoing detailed analysis of incidents and claims, which informs future training needs and provides important information for insurers
  • We handle and manage complex claims situations


  • We review insurance and indemnity clauses — matching these to the insurance policies in place
  • We complete a “gap analysis” between insurance protection provided and liability assumed under contract
  • We can review construction contracts, supply contracts, real estate and property contracts, and many others

Due diligence

  • We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, which can include vendors, purchasers, lenders and borrowers
  • We work with legal firms, lending institutions and investors to deliver effective solutions
  • We help to identify key operational/insurable risks including environmental, cyber and employers’ and public liability related risks
  • We approach due diligence on a commercial basis – we represent the best interests for whom we are acting, based on realistic and practical positions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

  • This is closely linked to due diligence exercises
  • We examine and assess M&A-related risks that could impact a transaction, and provide specialist insurance solutions — examples of these are insurance to meet the requirements of warranties and indemnities, tax advice liability and insurance for contingent risks that could impact a transaction
  • We design specialist insurance products to facilitate transactions and remove potential issues that could complicate completion

Business interruption and continuity

  • We undertake insurance risk assessments to help companies protect their revenue flows and P&L profitability
  • This underpins a company’s “brand” and reputation – can you maintain your customer base?
  • As a finance director, do you know, specifically, how a business interruption claim is assessed and settled? If not, we can help
  • Are you confident that in the event of a major event your business interruption insurance would adequately reinstate your P&L?
  • Have you got or considered a detailed business continuity plan, and do you know which elements of this insurers will pay for?

Our experience

Our highly experienced and professionally qualified team have a proven record of excellence, not just in buying insurance but also providing a wide range of risk management services.

These services are often crucial in helping our clients secure the most cost-effective insurance in a challenging insurance market.

Managing claims is an important part of this process and we provide specialist services to address this.

  • Highly experienced and technical team
  • Risk reviews including detailed examination of claims history
  • Dedicated and proactive claims management
  • Realigning insurance programmes with critical business risks


Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Design & Construct, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Accountants, Technology, Media, Solicitors.


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