Why Choose Arachas?

You’ll keep focusing on your teaching, and we’ll focus on making insurance easy for you by keeping the children in your care covered. We provide benefits such as:

  • Excellent insurance that covers your pupils for accidents while on their way to and from school or taking part in school activities.
  • You can easily fill in our online form for a quick quote with the option to put cover in place instantly. NOTE: This is an annual policy which needs to be arranged before the 1st September of each year for new schools
  • If you need to make a claim, we’ll work with you and your insurer to ensure the claim is settled as smoothly and quickly as possible.


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What’s Covered At A Glance?

Permanent disability

Loss of sight, hearing or speech, we’ll be there to help you.

Medical surgical or optical expenses

Accidents happen & if this expense is not recoverable from another source, we’ll step in.


We hope this never happens, but if it does - we’ll provide financial support.

More Information

Claims Forms

Downloadable Documents

Schools Personal Accident Scheme

Policy Document (effective from 1September 2020 - August 2021)

School Personal Accident – Optional Scheme Forms

Scheme 1

Scheme 2

Scheme 3

School Personal Accident – Compulsory Scheme Summaries of Cover

Compulsory 24 Hour – Summary of cover

Compulsory School Activities – Summary of Cover

Policy Options

Option 1

  • 24 Hour Cover (optional)

This means students are covered 24 hours a day, not just while at school, during social, domestic and leisure, as well as school activities (It should be noted the scheme does not cover bodily injury resulting from employment other than authorised school work experience programmes).


Option 2

  • 24 Hour Cover (Compulsory)

Under this option, all students of the school are covered 24 hours a day, including social, domestic and leisure, as well as school activities.


Option 3

  • Cover for School Activities only (Optional)

This option covers your students while at school and while participating in any school activity taking place with the full knowledge and authority of the school, including direct travel to and from such activities.


Option 4

  • Cover for School Activities Only (Compulsory)

This option is designed to cover all students of the school for school activities only.


Where a school decides to run an optional scheme in the school (where the parents are invited to include their child or not), Options 1 and 3 can be offered to parents in the school leaving each free to choose either the 24 hour cover or the School Activities Only cover.

  • Age Limits

The age limits under the Policy are 2½ to 22 years inclusive.

Eligible Schools

The scheme is available to first and second level schools and colleges.

Unfortunately the scheme does not include Special schools. We can, however, make arrangements to provide cover for such schools if required but further information will be required and special terms may be imposed.



Sum Insured (each person)


€ 10,000

Permanent total loss of sight in one eye or of one limb

€ 50,000

Permanent total loss of sight in both eyes or of two limbs

€ 100,000

Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in one ear or of speech

€ 40,000

Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing in both ears

€ 50,000

Permanent Total Disablement

€ 100,000

Hospitalisation – Payable per day for a max of 90 days

€ 20

Medical expenses not recoverable from any other source

€ 50,000

Dental expenses not recoverable from any other source*
( 1 year time limit from date of accident in respect of dental claims for all pupils 21 years and over )

€ 50,000

What is the difference between OPTIONAL OR COMPULSORY

“Optional” means that parents are invited to decide whether they want their child included in the scheme or not. This means writing to all the parents in the school and collecting individual premiums from them.

Where the scheme is being offered on an optional basis, it must be offered to the parents of all the pupils attending the school.

“Compulsory” means the school insures all of the pupils in the school. This has the advantage of cutting out most of the administration for the organisers of the scheme (no letters to parents; no collecting individual premiums; no stragglers). It is also cheaper as a discount applies where all the pupils are being included.

Essentially, there are four ways the scheme can operate.

Advantages of the COMPULSORY OPTION

Cover can be provided on a “compulsory” basis whereby ALL students in the school are insured.


The cost per pupil is €8.90 per year for 24 Hour cover or €5.30 where cover is limited to School Related Activities only.


The main advantages to running a compulsory scheme are:-

  • Premium is Lower.
  • There is no need to supply a list of the names of the students to be insured.
  • There is no need to issue separate forms to parents for completion.
  • Any new students who join the school during the year are automatically covered under the scheme at no extra charge for whichever cover option the school chose at renewal.

How the Compulsory Scheme operates

All we need from the organisers of a “compulsory” scheme is a completed renewal/application form stating the total number of students attending the school at inception and a cheque for the total premium. A Certificate is then issued covering all students of the school.

School Prospectus

Where required we can supply a draft summary of the scheme for inclusion in the school prospectus.

Staff Scheme

Cover for school staff can be included for the same benefits as the students. It is optional whether schools wish to avail of this scheme but where they do, ALL staff must be included. The school personal accident scheme is only offered to staff members for school related activities including direct travel to and from such activities.

The benefits are the same as for the students

Staff Personal Accident Insurance Premium – €7.20

Renewal & First Time Applications Process

Our objective is to process all applications effectively. This means correctly and speedily. Our ability to do this is dependent on receiving applications in the proper format.

  1. Completed Application Forms
  2. a) New School Application

If your school has not previously had School Personal Accident Insurance the school must complete

  1. New School Application Form
  2. Terms of business form
  3. b) Renewal Application

If your school is already participating in the scheme you will receive a renewal application form.

Your renewal application has a number on it (bottom left hand corner). This is to ensure that renewal applications are processed correctly. To minimise the risk of an administrative error, we would ask you not to alter the form at all. If the school address is incorrectly stated on the form, we would ask you to include a separate note confirming the correct address (we must correspond c/o the school. We cannot issue renewal documentation to an individual’s home)

Renewal forms are issued in or about July. If a school mislays their renewal form or needs another form a duplicate form can be issued on request. All such requests must quote their previous year’s certificate number.

  1. List Of Pupils (Optional Scheme Only)

Where an Optional scheme is been run a printed list of pupils is required.

We recommend the use of a personal computer for compiling the list of pupils to be insured.

Microsoft Excel is particularly suitable as it allows names to be sorted a) Alphabetically b) Where applicable, according to the premium paid /category of cover chosen.

A list of pupils is not required where the scheme is been run on a compulsory basis.

  1. Premium Payment

Completed applications must be accompanied by a Single Remittance in respect of the appropriate premium payable.

Under the Central Bank of Ireland regulations each cheque we receive must be processed individually. This means we can no longer accept school personal accident applications with multiple cheques payable to Arachas.

Remittances must be in the form of a cheque or similar, we are not in a position to accept cash

  1. Returned Application

To assist us in running the scheme as smoothly as possible we would ask schools to make sure that applications to participate in our scheme meet the criteria set out above.

We regret that applications which do not meet this criteria will be returned.

  1. Covering Letters

We would ask schools wherever possible not to include a covering letter with their application.

What Are The Main Exclusions?

The following information is a summary only and intended as a guide to policy cover and exclusions. These exclusions also appear on the Scheme Forms 1, 2 and 3, which we issue to schools and in turn the school issue to parents who wish to participate in the scheme.

1) Intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide, provoked assault or fighting (except in bona fide self defence), exposure to needless peril (except in an attempt to save human life), or from any involvement in a criminal act.

2) When under the influence of intoxicants or drugs (other than prescribed) or suffering from insanity temporary or otherwise.

3) While engaged in aeronautics and/or aviation, other than as a fare paying passenger.

4) Arising from the use of power woodworking machinery unless in connection with School Activities.

5) Horse or pony racing or jumping unless in connection with School Activities.

6) Ice-hockey, skeletoning, bobsleighing, parachuting or hand gliding.

7) While taking part in mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of ropes or guides.

8) Potholing, white water rafting, scuba diving or motor racing.

9) Directly or indirectly caused or contributed by radiation, asbestos, Pollution or Contamination

10) Occasioned during the course of employment (other than authorised school work experience programmes).

11) War or any act of Terrorism.

12) The first € 100 of each claim arising from a non school related activity.

13) Incurred outside the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland other than emergency treatment.

Health Conditions

The insurance shall not apply in respect of any claim arising out of a pre-existing physical infirmity or medical condition.

Period of Insurance & How Scheme Operates

Period of Insurance

The scheme operates for 12 months from September 1st each year.

Please note that closing date is the 10th of November each year or preceding Friday where falls at a weekend)

Any applications received after this date will be returned.

How the 24 Hour and School Activities Scheme Operate

We operate the Scheme through the school Principal or the Parents Association as this offers the most effective means of distribution of documentation and collection of premium enabling us to keep the premium down to the level of €10.10 for 24 hour cover and €6.50 for School Activities only per pupil per annum.

Circular to Parents

We provide a master copy of the summary sheet where requested a draft letter to parents which sets out the reasons for effecting such cover and draws their attention to the Health Condition on the Policy (see Page 10). Copies of these are sent by the Principal/Parents Association to all parents via the pupils.

A cut off date is incorporated in the letter to parents to avoid late entrants and the difficulties these can cause. We strongly recommend schools not to allow late entrants to their scheme. You should pick a closing date and stick to it.

On the bottom of all scheme forms is a section which should be completed, if possible, by ALL parents, indicating whether or not they wish to include their children under the Scheme and returned to the organisers, with the money where appropriate.

24 Hour Cover

A 24 hour option is available whereby the cover is not limited to school related activities only but covers the insured students 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The premium for this 24 hour cover is €8.90 per student per year.


Once we are advised that it has been decided to establish the scheme in the school cover attaches automatically from that date for those whose premium has been paid to the organisers.

A cheque is then sent to us for the total amount payable as soon as possible after that date, together with the list of those included.

Insurance Certificate

A Certificate of Insurance is issued and sent to the organisers and is usually made available, if required for inspection by the parents

What is the Claims Procedure?

A supply of Claim Forms will be sent to the school along with the Certificate of Insurance. These can be given to any parent wishing to make a claim. The claim form should be completed and returned to Arachas. A claim form is also available online here in our claims form section

Notification Condition

Notice must be sent to the Company via Arachas as soon as practicable of any Accident to an Insured Person, and the Insured Person must as soon as possible place himself or herself under the care of a duly qualified medical practitioner. Notice must be sent to the Company via Arachas as soon as practicable in the event of the death of the Insured Person, resulting or alleged to result from an Accident. In no case will the Company be liable to pay compensation to the Insured Person, Parent or to their representatives unless the medical advisor or advisors appointed by the Company for this purpose shall be allowed so often as may be deemed necessary to make an examination of the Insured Person.

All claims are handled through our office and usually are dealt with directly with the parents/guardians and this requires little or no involvement from the school. The claim cheque can be made payable to the parents/guardians or the school authorities normally who ever signs the discharge form.

We have a claims settlement authority from underwriters, ensuring swift settlement of straightforward claims.

Further Information

If a pupil at your school has an accident, a very anxious situation can be made worse if you don’t have the right insurance protection in place. That’s what we’re there for. We provide market-leading Personal Accident insurance, backed by support from specialist expert teams.
We can provide policies which cover your pupils for school – related activities only or 24-hour cover 365 days a year.
Trust us to look after your insurance, so you can concentrate on running your school.
Fill out our online form to receive a quote for your Pupil Cover Insurance or purchase immediate cover online.

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