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Key Benefits

Breakdown Assistance

(Available 24 hours and 365 days on 01 216 4179) Automatically provides assistance in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown, fire, theft, or any attempted theft, malicious damage, punctures, lost keys, stolen keys, or keys broken in the lock or locked in the vehicle.

Open Driving

Allows any fully licensed (EU) driver aged between 25 - 70 years inclusive, with a clean driving record, to drive your vehicle with your permission.

Windscreen Cover

Automatically included on Comprehensive Cover and also available as an option to add to Third Party Fire & Theft Cover. Cover is unlimited if repaired by an Approved Windscreen Replacement Agent. There is no excess and windscreen claims will not affect your No Claims Bonus.

Bonus Protection Options

Full Bonus Protection allows you to have one claim in a 12-month period without affecting your No Claims Bonus. Alternatively, you can opt for Step Back Bonus Protection which means that in the event of one claim your bonus is stepped back rather than totally lost.

Vehicle Value is a Key Rating Factor

Make sure the insured value reflects the current market value of your vehicle. This can help reduce your premium.


Underwritten by RSA Insurance Ireland DAC. We work with financially secure & robust insurers.

Easy to Transfer

We just need a quick chat over the phone to verify the details and take your instructions.

Policy Details

Cover options include:
Comprehensive insurance
Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance
Third Party Only cover for a trailer whilst attached

No-claims bonus protection
Fire brigade charges
Open driving - covers other licensed drivers aged 25 to 70 while driving your car with your permission
Breakdown assistance - for mechanical or electrical breakdown at the roadside or in your driveway
Windscreen and glass cover

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