Key Benefits

Confidence and peace of mind

Comprehensive insurance covering your pupils for accidents whilst they are on their way to and from school or taking part in school activities.

Keeping children covered

Our Pupil Cover Insurance is designed specifically for primary and secondary school children who have claims resulting from accidents.

Quick and easy quotes and cover

Fill in our online form for a quick and easy quote and the option to put cover in place with immediate effect
NOTE: This is an annual policy which needs to be arranged prior to 1st September for each year for new schools).

There when you need us

If you do need to claim, we will work with you and your insurer to ensure that your claim is settled as smoothly and quickly as possible to minimise stress and uncertainty.

The right cover at the right price

We work hard to make sure that you have the reassurance of great-quality, great-value cover from financially secure insurers.

Policy Details

Option to cover school – related activities only 

Optional 24 hour cover

Options to cover all pupils or to cover specific named pupils

Options to include cover all staff for school – related activities

Cover provided for:

Death €10,000
Permanent total loss of sight in one eye or loss / loss of use of one limb €50,000
Permanent total loss of sight in both eyes or loss / loss of use of both limbs     €100,000
Permanent total disability €100,000
Loss of hearing in one ear €40,000
Loss of hearing in both ears €50,000
Loss of speech €40,000
Medical surgical or optical expenses not recoverable from any other source up to maximum of- €50,000
Dental expenses not recoverable from any other source up to a maximum of *-  €50,000
Hospital confinement payable per complete day (24 hour period) which shall continue whilst confined but not beyond 90 days from the day on which the Insured Person was first confined €20


NOTE- * these benefits will cease on the Insured Person's 21 birthday with the exception of:

i. Employee;

ii. Post Leaving Certificate Students; 

iii. Insured Person(s) over 21 years of age;

where there will be a 1 year time limit from the date of accident. 


For a more detailed breakdown please see our product information page

Further Information

If a pupil at your school has an accident, a very anxious situation can be made worse if you don’t have the right insurance protection in place. That’s what we’re there for. We provide market-leading Personal Accident insurance, backed by support from specialist expert teams.
We can provide policies which cover your pupils for school – related activities only or 24-hour cover 365 days a year.
Trust us to look after your insurance, so you can concentrate on running your school.
Fill out our online form to receive a quote for your Pupil Cover Insurance or purchase immediate cover online.

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