Group Water Schemes Insurance Cover

Recent research has highlighted that many Group Water Schemes do not provide adequate cover in respect of the numerous risk exposures facing them. In addition, it was found that committee members and directors were personally exposed.

Schemes, their directors, officers and committee members can be sued for alleged wrongdoing or poor corporate governance, resulting in sizeable payments being demanded. They should be aware that any action taken against them puts their own personal assets in jeopardy when defending a claim. They are personally liable. The “it won’t happen to me” attitude is still prevalent. As the volume of legislation increases, schemes with limited resources are at greater risk than the large corporate entities with their battery of advisors.

In addition to company board directors, the exposure also extends to non-executive directors and officers of a company. Boards of governors, members of committees, charitable trusts or voluntary groups have a similar exposure. In fact, members of schemes or committees may have a higher exposure, as their position may be part time and, therefore, the time required to keep “up to speed” with the changing legislation may not be available.

Virtually any decision can lead to an action or a lawsuit. This may be taken by creditors, contractors, members, or indeed by a state regulatory agency. You cannot plead ignorance. In a recent legal case, the court stated quite categorically that each director has a duty to inform his or herself of its affairs.

No responsible scheme would continue to trade without employer and public liability insurance or adequate fire and business protection cover. However, operating without directors and officers liability insurance exposes the scheme to risk and threatens the continued viability of the organisation and its personnel.


Consider some frequent misconceptions expressed by GWS directors and committee members:

  • Directors have limited liability - Incorrect
  • I am not a director so I am not liable - Incorrect
  • We are only a small group - The same rules apply to all
  • They cannot touch my personal assets - Incorrect
  • This exposure can be transferred in the form of Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

Covers available:

  • Employers Liability Includes volunteers and helpers
  • Products Liability included as standard
  • Free Personal Accident cover for Employees/Volunteers/Members engaged on GWS business
  • Directors and Officers Liability €250,000
  • Same day quotations
  • Highly competitive terms

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